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RageMP Client Side load JSON file


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Hello RageMP Community,

I am having a hard time figuring out how to load a JSON file into the Client side to generate a menu.

When I do this:

var vehicles = require("./[...]/vehicleshops.json");

and restart and join the Server the Error message says that the file 


could not be found.

I have also tried 

import vehicles from ("./[...]/vehicleshops.json")

With this attempt it has a problem with the overall Syntax, so it doesn't work either.


What is the  correct way of loading a JSON file client side, or is there even a working way?


Kind regards,

ffpgmbh / Fionn

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Corrected mistake from typing file names from head
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I really appreciate your attempt to help, but when connecting to the server the client says that the file 


could not be found.

What really makes me wonder, is the fact that it looks for a .js file although iI am requesting a .json file.

My code is now

var vehicleConfig = require("package://[...]/vehicleshops.json");

the file vehicleshops.json is present in the downloaded folder, I just double-checked.

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// shops.js
exports.vehicle = [{"name":"Whatever"}, // etc.];
exports.market = [{"name":"Whatever2"}, // etc.];

// Other clientside file:
const Shops = require('path/to/shops.js');

Shops.vehicle.forEach((shop, idx, arr) => {
	// shop.name;


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