Unfinished [UNFINISHED] Project-X Resources Release

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About 3 months ago I begin programming for the first time ever and begun creating this gamemode. It is your typical RPG / Cops n Robbers template that might or might not contain bugs and whatnot. It should give any new developer some inspiration or examples on how to do certain things. 

I called it "Project-X"

It contains:

  • Vehicle / Watercraft / Aircraft shop
  • Vehicle Saving / Spawning
  • Very basic gun shop
  • Clothing system that is very bad
  • Money and Wanted system
  • Trucker Job
  • Criminal activities like robbing a store, putting items to vehicle inventory and bringing them to drop off
  • Dynamic Tuning Shop
  • Very basic faction system
  • Timers / Progress bar system
  • Custom Chat
  • Basic Party and Mission system
  • Basic Prison system
  • Basic Housing system
  • A lot of unfinished and unused features you can discover for yourself

Thanks to rootcause for Vehicle Spawner resource.










Project uses MongoDB as Database with the name as "RageMP"! 

You can change this inside the Config class


Download or go through files here: https://gitlab.com/DatUrsidae/project-x




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16 minutes ago, DarkEmpire said:

why did you stop development?

Taking a break and focusing on other stuff.

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23 minutes ago, plusman1560 said:

where is the database

Create a MongoDB Database with the name "RageMP". It will be empty until you push entries into it eg. create an account.

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i cant start projectx-client, can you help me?

Edited by claro

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