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Eclipse RP - GTA V Roleplay Server with Voice Chat


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A voice-chat based ROLEPLAY SERVER 

Come to our RAGE:MP roleplay servers
(LT) play.eclipse-rp.net:22010

Join our Discord server

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We welcome and invite everyone to become part of our great community. Both hardened roleplayers and inexperienced players, who are not that familiar with the idea of roleplay, are able to find their place within our community as long as they have the determination to learn and improve their skills. Our community is experienced, large and well established. It has gone a long way since it's launch back in February 2017. The community is extremely active - our administration and players will help you whenever you have any questions or problems. Our player count rises to nearly 600 during peak hours, so you will never feel lonely in any part of San Andreas! The server has been constantly evolving throughout all the years since the launch date and we have no intention to slow down our advancement in the future. Join our community and we will help to learn, we will guide you to a better roleplay experience.


The server receives constant updates, who are made by talented and passionate developers. Updates are always polished, and if something does break, the developers make sure it is fixed before the majority of the players even become aware of the problem. Server updates are always extensively tested before release by our most incredible administrative staff. Our server script is one of the most advanced scripts out there, when compared to other Grand Theft Auto V roleplay servers, which means there are a LOT of features you can try and a LOT of things you can do.

We offer an enormous variety of activities that our players can engage in. Become a member of our law enforcement force, uphold the law, protect the citizens and apprehend criminals. Join our emergency services as a medic or firefighter, devote yourself to saving the lives of others, support our law enforcement officers in 911 situations. Get yourself employed as a prison guard, uphold order inside the prison facilities, interact with other guards and prisoners.

If you desire a safer life, you can work as a taxi driver, car mechanic, trucker, delivery van driver or a news reporter at Weazel News. Become a lumberjack and chop down trees in a forest or be a miner who collects precious ores from the mines, grow your own crops as a farmer or catch fish with a fishing rod.

Criminal roleplay is a big and important part of our server too! Players are able to create their own criminal factions and work their way up to becoming an official faction. Commit robberies, extort businesses and distribute illegal items. Control the flow of illegal shipments full of weapons and drugs. Build a drug laboratory in your home or in a cheap and disposable motorhome and much more!



  • VOIP - Our community is primarily VOIP (voice-chat) based. However, if you are unable to use voice-chat or prefer to text, the default text chat is still available and allowed to be used.
  • Houses & Properties - Players are able to own real estate in our server. House prices are set by the owner of the house, and these prices can inflate. Players can also purchase custom built properties which they may use to start up their own business!
  • Furniture System - We have implemented a system where players can purchase furniture objects from the furniture shop and place them inside and outside of their houses, properties or businesses. This allows players to customize their properties however they would like and decorate their houses and businesses with furniture items from the native Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Businesses - At the moment, players are able to own vehicle dealerships, loan companies, general stores, gun stores and gas stations. What you wish to do with your business is up to you - you set the prices, you set the rules and much more. Businesses need to order new stock once it's depleted and the players that work in the trucking industry are responsible for the delivery of the orders.
  • Vehicles & Markets - As with houses and properties, players can buy their own personal vehicle from either a vehicle dealership or one of the many car markets (where players can sell their existing vehicles) we have in-game. 
  • Jail & Prison - Actions have consequences. Just like in real life, if you get caught doing a crime, you will face repercussions in character here as well. Players facing more serious crimes will be sent to the state penitentiary. At the state penitentiary, you can roleplay with other criminals serving time and correctional officers (prison guards) from the Department of Corrections. You are also able to go on parole for crimes that are not very serious.
  • Store Robberies & Player Muggings - Our script allows players to rob the money from the cashier at general stores. This is one of the many ways smaller criminals can begin their way up. Criminals are also able to rob players, but these robberies have to be done by our server rules which disallows unrealistic robberies.
  • Inventory System - We believe that having an inventory system is imperative for roleplay. Our inventory system allows players to pick up items and use them / drop them straight from their inventory. We also have a clothing inventory to allow players to change clothes and remove clothing items straight from their inventory without having to use commands.
  • Drug Laboratories - Criminal factions that are official can order drug stoves from the black market and use them to create drugs from inside their properties, houses or even motorhomes. Gangs that are still smaller and are building their way up can go to static drug labs at certain locations to cook narcotics.
  • Pets - Players can purchase pets from the pet store. Pets can be named to whatever you'd like and they follow you around. They can even get in your vehicle and roll around with you!
  • Vehicle modding - We allow our players to customize their personal vehicles at the two mechanic shops in San Andreas to their liking. Visual modifications, performance modifications and much more to make your vehicle special to you.
  • Islands - If you are one of the richer citizens of Los Santos, you can purchase an island where you can build your own house, dock and whatever you can think of by utilizing our furniture system.
  • Speakers - To allow players to enhance their roleplay scenarios, we've added Speakers that you can buy from general stores. These can be used to play YouTube URLs!

To connect to our server you can either open the server list on your RAGE:MP client and find ECLIPSE ROLEPLAY and click connect or use the direct connect feature and type in our address: play.eclipse-rp.net:22005

Every new player is required to pass our roleplay application system monitored by our staff team. The application process consists of several open questions related to our server rules and roleplay scenarios. After you finish the application process and send your answers for review, you can already start to create and customize your character so you can begin playing immediately after your application gets accepted. The applications are reviewed within 24 hours (but could take less than an hour) by our amazing and wonderful staff team. Once you pass the application process, you can freely join the server, spawn your character and start your roleplay journey on ECLIPSE ROLEPLAY!

If you encounter any difficulties figuring when trying to connect to our server, you can have a look at this video created by one of our community members:




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Looking good, I make quick check on your website. 

I have suggestion for you, you can make forum & "Game Panel" sharing same accounts or maybe integrated with XenForo. So everything will be in same place. But I think you are writing your "Game Panel" with C# so I think it's not an option (Integration part).

Good Luck!

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