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Help me find more Animations so we can make, Animations great again!


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Hello there,
I am the scripter of:

And i want to "Complete" this res to make it more usefull!

You can use this Server to find new Animations use /animplayer:

Server with Animplayer download

Here you can find all Animations:



So please help me by pushing cool animations to this thread in the following patern:

else if (item == "Security") {namenAni = item+""
  p1 = '"mini@strip_club@idles@bouncer@idle_a"'
  p2 = '"idle_a"'
  mp.events.callRemote("server:shortcut:save",namenAni, slotid,p1,p2,1,49);

I am thankful for any help :)


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as i sad i would do that.
i copy pasted Native UI to make it in a small time ;)

vor 4 Minuten schrieb Atesh:

Well, I mean a dynamic list, not this kind of list with many many "If"s

Anyway, I could help you for example with a list of animations I personally use.

i would love that list

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