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PlayerQuit - ServerSide - Console Log


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Hey guys,

i just started new with JS and ragemp(big noob) and have a question. It probably sounds dumb.

I wanted to get a console log after a player disconntects.


I got this from the wiki and put it in my "./packages/project/index.js":

function playerQuitHandler(player, exitType, reason) {
  let str = player.name;
  if (exitType != "kicked") {
    str += " quit.";
  } else {
    str = ` kicked. Reason: ${reason}.`;
mp.events.add("playerQuit", playerQuitHandler);



After i quit game i only get a message like(the message also comes a bit late):

[N] has been disconnected.


i probably forget something to add but dont know what.


Thank you for your help!





did "solve" the problem by using:


mp.events.add("playerQuit", (player) => {
		console.log(player.name + " quit.");


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