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 I am a huge fan of GTA-RP-Servers since almost one year and i wanted to report you an unusual Error / Bug; i tripped over 3- 4 Month ago!! when the diamons casino update came out!

Every time i want to join the RP-Server called Vio-V or Venox-RL Server i get the following error message. I tired follwong things already:

  • Disabled my Anit-Virus, Firewall etc.(by GDATA) (I even deinstalled them 2 Times!)
  • Updated as quoted in the Error-Message-Box to the newest versionof Play GTA-V!
  • checked if no other mods are installed (nope! 😉)
  • re-installed Game AND new Launcher of Rockstar 2 Times with restarts
  • reinstalled Rage-MP 2 Times
  • downloaded the Files from the official Vio-V Server(Link: Hier) and placed them in the correct folder I created before manually ( because of the error message it does not create the folder!)

What can you / I do to get the things running again?



Images of Error:

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If you're using steam's version of gta 5 you can try verifying game integrity by selecting the game's properties





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