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C# Client Side setup help


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Hey! I've been busy developing an RP server lately, and i can get the Server-side working pretty good, but the time has come to start scripting client resources also. The problem is, that i can't find a tutorial or even a wiki page on how to start with the C# client side, because i don't want to code in Javascript, that would mean learning a new language and i don't want to go trough that hassle. So, can anyone explain to me how to make my first C# client side server resource? The only one who have been doing these kinds of tutorials were Stuyk, but he had removed every video regarding this topic. Thanks in advance.

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I do have a RageMP C# tutorial playlist in youtube. I haven't uploaded anything regarding client-side yet. But since I've done the retrieving data from a SQL database using C# now my next video will be regarding the CEF for login and registration. So if you want to learn about clientside cs and want a tutorial then you can go through my channel.


By tomorrow I will definitely upload the video regarding the client side scripting. Happy coding!

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