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[EN/TEXT] Los Santos V Roleplay | lsv-rp.com [WIP]


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Website: lsv-rp.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/j4jU9Mw

Expected Release: Q1 2020


About Us

Los Santos V Roleplay (LSV-RP) is a text-based roleplay server which prides itself on its high standard of roleplay and advanced GUI-based script (very few commands to remember). With experienced and friendly staff who are always willing to listen to you, we aim to provide you with the best possible experience, and the most realistic roleplaying environment out there - while still making sure it is entertaining to play of course. Everybody is welcome to join as long as they meet the entry criteria. A whitelist system, comprised of a quiz and application stage, is utilized to maintain a high quality playerbase.


Our goal

The definition of "quality roleplay" gets tossed around a lot these days, it has almost lost its original meaning. Consider this server to be on a new level to any server you have been on before, a true character study that aims for the best quality. We strive for realism, the type that people used to love on SA-MP. We are genuinely here to provide a server for people who want to experience to the best level of roleplay that can be found on RageMP, and the people who want to learn and reach that level too are welcome. We are tolerant to new roleplayers as long as they're willing to learn and behave properly. Taking the game physics into consideration, we try to make everything as close to real life as possible while still maintaining the fun, ensuring we don't go too far. Our ultimate goal is a thriving self-sustained community based on freedom, transparency and fair chance for everyone.


Server Features

The following is simply an introduction into some of our features. We have many more in the works, some of which can be found on our forums.

  • Script support for both legal and illegal businesses. We believe that player-run businesses are the backbone of our economy and we are ready to assist if the idea is promoting roleplay and opening new jobs on the market.
  • The streets will be portrayed properly. Drugs will be worthwhile and sold consistently, with fluctuating prices reliant on character supply/demand and real time events by players. Average guns that low-level criminals can get a hold of include pistols, shotguns, and small automatics. Guns will be realistically powered so it feels like a real shootout and not like playing a deathmatch server. Shootouts will also rely on strategic thinking and realism, running around in the open for too long will likely end up with the character getting shot. The streets and gangs in general will be a lot more than just groups of people shooting each other over disputes all day.
  • Organized crime will thrive. From racketeering to white-collar crime, and of course the bread and butter like smuggling, there is plenty of support for top tier OC roleplay.
  • A city government where every department falls under the mayor and council like in real life. There are systems in place to prevent concentration of power and allow all departments to function in transparency.
  • The police department faction is entirely about realism. Everything from their gear to police vehicles will cost money limited by a budget. No more unlimited resources and other unfair advantages over civilian players. Investigation will be a large part of this faction with the help of an advanced forensics script.
  • The judicial system and the courts. We will provide a functioning justice system from the very beginning, and the members of this committee will have rightful powers with them. Depending on the crime and person, a defendant may be able to post bail. All players have the right to plea to their accused crimes as they please and have their cases heard for every sentence.
  • The Port of Los Santos along with the available machinery provides new avenues for roleplay that have never been done before. Based on a real life major American port that handles on average $1.2 billion worth of cargo each day, there is so much potential for legitimate business and criminal activities.



NOTE: The screenshots below are taken during dev sessions and are not final. All systems are subject to change as we constantly work to improve them.



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Updated inventory system. More content coming soon!

We are looking for beta testers to join our team and help us with testing the gamemode. Join us on Discord for more information.

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Thanks for the comment @FakeTrump - we value community input on all matters and as such, have created a polls channel on our Discord where everyone can cast a vote, as mentioned above. We welcome conversation, questions and interest on our Discord server. We will be continuing to share more content as it becomes available. Stay tuned, we're getting close 😉 

At the moment our forums are closed while we work on them behind the scenes. Please visit our main website and join our Discord!


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