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Kar's Cops And Robbers V


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At Kar's Cops And Robbers V, we use inspiration from all the Grand Theft Auto games and experience from running a 10 year strong SA:MP server to create the perfect Cops And Robbers server. We are enhancing the basic systems of GTA to make the interactivity more creative. Instead of 1 player robbing the pacific standard bank, we made it so that 12 players could rob the bank. Instead of 2 players street racing, we made it so that an unlimited amount of players can street race together. By enhancing these basic systems and putting full effort into developing them, we've created some of the most fun features ever. Players enjoy robbing and street racing in groups. These are basic everyday criminal activities. Everything is visualized as playing with other players to enhance the fun of it instead of playing by yourself.

I have also taken the liberty to improve the amount of crimes in Grand Theft Auto, by adding what is known to be a very common real life crime. Such things like Stick-ups, Embezzlement and Perjury are possible in the world of KCNR V.

At KCNR we've also balanced out criminals and law enforcement. With our unique arresting system, criminals can now escape arrests by attempting to break the cuffs, entering vehicles, having your friends kill the arrester cop, etc. The way we play Grand Theft Auto is better than the original Grand Theft Auto with more unconditional, unique fun. We hope you come check out the server and enjoy your stay at Kar's Cops And Robbers.

Kar's Cops And Robbers is a multilingual Light Roleplay, Cops vs Robbers server.


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