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Client Side JS Events not working?


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Hi there, i've started recently with rage mp, developing on node.

I've run into some problems with client side programming.

This is my example code:


mp.game.ui.setNewWaypoint(-400, 1300);

mp.checkpoints.new(1, new mp.Vector3(-400,1150,325), 8, {color: [ 255,50,50,255], visible: true})

mp.events.add("playerEnterCheckpoint", (checkpoint) => {
    mp.game.fire.startScriptFire(-420, 1180, 325.8, 30, false);
    checkpoint.radius =+ 5;

The waypoint and the checkpoint is visible, but the event doesn't seem to work.

Attempts with other events like playerJoin in combination with simple chat outputs failed too.

I'm not sure if i've missed something or are there problems with client side javascript?

Exist these problems with C# too?

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