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At Impact Roleplay our goal is to develop a feature-rich environment providing in-depth tools for our players to have an engaging and exciting roleplay experience. To provide a more immersive experience Impact Roleplay is a voice only roleplay community and although we are an english server we will be allowing our bilingual players to talk in multiple different languages on our server.


Rule Enforcement

It is important that we take rule enforcement both seriously as well as being reasonably understanding with our players. Our staff is not here to police the server and to micromanage our players. We feel that a rule should only be enforced when it is affecting our community as a whole or another player’s experience within our community. So if you are in an empty area and you drive off of a cliff that no one but a spectating moderator may see you will no longer be serving a ban or punishment for simply not “hurting” a thing.


Moderation Sit

With every in-game report, server offense, or complaint our Moderation team is required to conduct a ‘Moderation Sit’ with the victim(s) if applicable, and the offender.

A moderation sit is where a moderator will send a “Moderation Sit Request” to each victim, and offender involved. When the victims and offender accept they will be teleported to a designated deserted location with a moderator. The goal of the moderation sit is to educate and discuss the rules broken with the offender.. If the moderator and victims all have an understanding and feel that the offender understands what they did was wrong then a moderator will decide to waive any punishment.

With moderation sits we believe that educating our players will increase the roleplay experience and help each and everyone become better roleplayers.


Staff Structure

Unlike other communities our staff structure is designed to be very simple. At Impact Roleplay you will notice just two ranks, Administrator and Moderator. Keeping our staff structure simple allows us to be a more efficient team and to work together to produce fast response times in-game, on our forums and in discord. We find it is unreasonable to wait even more than a day for a ban appeal or complaint to be handled or looked at.

Administrator - Members of our staff possessing the Administrator role will have access to all the commands and tools of our server, discord, and functions of our forums. This way we broaden the responsibility across our entire team which will allow us to provide a quick response to complaints, and requests.

Moderator - Members of our staff possessing the Moderator role will have access to moderation commands. If you get stuck or need to report a player you will be dealing with a member of this team. Our Moderators are dedicated to being solely responsible for enforcing and educating our players on the rules and roleplay of our community.



Our group system is any group of players involved in an instance of roleplay. A group can be anything from a gang to a legal corporation. Creating groups allows players to share ownership of vehicles, homes, bank accounts, and businesses. Group owners will be able to create departments, and ranks and set permissions to departments and ranks for different levels of managing vehicles, homes, and business. Our permission system for groups is designed to be very advanced by giving the creators access to  directly specifying who can sell or buy for the group, drive cars, or manage properties.



A property is any piece of land or real estate. A property can be a home, government building, hospital, warehouse, factory, business, and many more. Each property also gets a tax. Taxing properties allow our government funds to grow as well as ensuring property owners and businesses to stay active. The moment property owners or groups stop paying property taxes and owe the amount the property is worth the property will auto-reclaim to the server and be sold at server cost.



Our warehouse system is an  inheritance of the property system and is on the server to store goods for truckers to pick up from and for miners, lumberjacks, farmers, etc to deliver and sell their goods to. Unlike other servers our economy does not just consist of cash but also resources. Resources such as mineral ores, and agricultural produce are important for our factories to produce cars and guns, and restaurants to serve food. Warehouses can not be owned by a single player and in future updates will be public on the stock market for players to invest.



Factories such as Car Manufacturing, Gun Manufacturing, Gas Refinery and Retail Printing are essential to converting resources produced by farmers, miners, and other laborers to goods for clothing stores, car dealerships, and gun dealers for consumers. Manufacturing buys their raw materials from warehouses who pay the laborer. Manufacturers sell their goods to smaller businesses and truck drivers deliver raw materials and goods produced by Manufacturers.There only be 1 factory each and will not be player owned but available on the stock market for players to invest in future updates.


Supply and Demand

Our warehouses will demand materials from laborers and to encourage the server to produce more resources will be allowing the ‘server’ owned company to place advertisements for job listings. When a laborer such as a miner, or famer is in high demand. When a laborer or job is in high demand the cash payout for resources will be higher until the demand is completely fulfilled.



Mining - players will rent mining trucks from the Mining Company to fill and sell the harvested minerals to the Mineral Warehouse.

Farming - players will plant seeds, and harvest their crops to sell to the Food Supply Warehouse.

Oil Rigging - players will collect oil from oil rigs and deliver the oil to the Oil Supply Warehouse for Gas Refineries to refine, and gas stations to sell so players can keep on driving.

Fishing - players will have to rent or use a boat of their own and travel to a designated fishing location. Where they will use their boats to fish the masses and deliver their fish to the Supply Warehouse. Fishermen will have to use trucks to deliver their mass amounts of fish to the Food Supply Warehouse.


And more to come...




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