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V-RPC - A GTAV multiplayer RPC library


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Hi Folks!

May I present to you:

 - A GTAV multiplayer RPC library


What is this all about?

V-RPC introduces synchronous calls to RageMP - whether it is the server, the client or the cef framework that communicates with one another - it doesn't matter!

Synchronous calls in that sense mean, for example, sending a request from client to server expecting the server to return a result.

Though, there are already libraries that provide synchronous calls, V-RPC comes with C# and Angular 8+ (CEF) support out-of-the-box.

One of the key points for developing this library is to provide synchronous calls in different languages among different endpoints in the GTAV multiplayer ecosystem.


Why should you use V-RPC?

V-RPC is easy to use and comes as an NPM package. Considering the browser V-RPC can also be used using a single file.

V-RPC comes with many great features:

  • Middleware support for incoming requests
  • Currently C# and JavaScript/TypeScript support
  • Templating in both languages
  • Optional parallelization of incoming requests in C#
  • Out-of-the-box Angular 8+ framework support


Open Source? I love it!

V-RPC is Open Source software!

The sauce can be found here: https://github.com/eisengrind/v-rpc
I appreciate any contributions to the project.


Latest versions:

C#: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Eisengrind.VRPC.RageMP.Server/2.0.0

JS: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@eisengrind/v-rpc

Angular 8+: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@eisengrind/ng-v-rpc


Hope you like it!
Have a great Weekend.


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To return a value i need to use sync?



When to use async?

Well, the main reason, why the Async methods exist is because of the Browser. Since one main goal was to archieve that the browser could talk with the server and vice versa. But you can also use it to call the server from the client and vice versa.

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@veers Lets see.

I was not quite sure about how you would include the vrpc files, since I myself use TypeScript and import definitions. I just tested it and corrected the usage and its example. Explanation to that changes is that the library itself provides the "vrpc" namespace.

See the changed readme: https://github.com/eisengrind/v-rpc/blob/master/src/js/ragemp/README.md

Btw. I'll also upload the server and client files also. I thought it would be enough to provide a NPM package. See the last release for downloads.


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The folder path is: RAGEMP/server-files/node_modules/@eisengrind/v-rpc/ragemp

There is no server error, but the game can't find the client callServerSync function. Do i have to copy the v-rpc/ragemp/client folder somewhere else too?

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