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Hi, everybody. I have this problem, I'm trying to launch this Rage launcher, when I start the game (the Game is using a special launcher from Rockstar, not the Steam version), during initialization of Social Club, the game closes and the Rockstar launcher gives an error - "an unexpected error Occurred", what should I do at the moment ? Reinstalling GTA 5 and Rage doesn't help

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В 31.03.2020 в 00:05, RedKein сказал:

I have this problem too

See how I solved the problem: - Added the following files to the Firewall exception: ragemp_v and update outgoing and incoming connections. - Added the same files, the RAGEMP folder, and the GTA 5 folder to the antivirus exception. - Excluded the inclusion of the MSI afterburner overlay, because it does not allow loading.

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