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Improvement to vehicle position sync/extrapolation


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Recently me and a friend decided to try RAGE MP, and despite being pretty satisfied with the sync overall (especially on 1.1), we did find an issue that bothered us a lot.
All the servers we tried (including our own we set up to test this) exhibited the problem, so it's not server-specific, and both our pings were decent too, so that's not it either.

The problem we came across has to do with cars driving along at higher speeds, and one swerving or turning behind the other. Here are some GIFs of what's happening:

The problem is that the position of the car that's behind is being extrapolated forward way too much on the other person's screen, so they see the car much further ahead and overlapping theirs, therefore they get hit by it when it rejoins the same lane.

In 1.1 there's a new option in the server config called enable-synchronization-extrapolation which tries addressing this, but it pretty much just flips the problem around. On 1.1 the other person now sees my car behind of where it should be. Here's what happens with the setting set to false on 1.1 (true is the same as older versions):

So my question is whether or not it would be possible to have a numerical value in the server config for extrapolation (such as a 0.0 - 1.0 interval) instead of just a true/false switch?
I think the option for in-between extrapolation settings would drastically improve the quality of sync during higher speed races or car chases.

Or if anyone has any other suggestions for solving this, that would be welcome as well.

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Don't think I've seen anyone report a thing like this, really appreciated you could also show gifs with this too to help illustrate the issue. You should get onto the Discord as well if you want to keep more up to date if you're going to continue to develop on 1.1.

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Extrapolation is actually not a 1.1 feature, 1.1 just makes it optional (maybe also uses kinda different constants as well, though). Anyway, that's a decent suggestion and enable-synchronization-extrapolation parameter is going to be replaced with synchronization-extrapolation-multiplier in the next 1.1 builds.

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