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RageMP Italia

In the last period, an Italian RageMP community has emerged and this is the reason why I decided to create this topic. I think that when a community starts to emerge, it is necessary that the latter has a section in the native forum of the mod in order to communicate and expand the community itself (Italian one but even RageMP would expand).

Another reason why I decided to create this topic is that the messages of the RageMP client have already been translated into Italian, so I was told that having achieved this goal, it would have been enough to create this topic and reach 30 likes to have an Italian section.

So.. If you are interested in creating an Italian section, please like this post.
And remember.. Italians do it better.

RAGEMP ITALIA DISCORD: https://discord.gg/9G6wa4N

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7 minutes ago, TheStronght said:

Excellent news, but surely the Italians cannot beat the Russians :P

Maybe you're right, maybe you're not.. who knows :)
Anyway, since you're Italian, you should support this idea I guess!

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48 minutes ago, vapormitchell said:

I believe in this community, c'mon guys create our section  !

Hope we'll have our own section soon.

38 minutes ago, Davide Morello said:

Rage's Italian community is growing as we speak. We are all working hard to create something exceptional on this platform and it would be great to have a dedicated section on the forum.

Yeah, you're right. Hope we'll have our chance.

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Many countries around the world are actively seeking to take part in this project, and that proves how quickly the broader RageMP community is developing.

This heartfelt interest from the italian people to get involved should not go unnoticed. I fully support this suggestion.

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