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[TEXT&VOICE] [ENG] Big City Life RolePlay GTA V | The best immersive entertainment experience.


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Big City Life RolePlay

                  Who are we?
    We are a team of roleplayers who wants to bring back the good old times from SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer).Our scripts are meant to create the best immersive experience that a roleplay server can offer and they are adapted based on people feedback that they had on different RP servers and SAMP RP servers. The project is still in development and we might release the beta phase in a couple of weeks.

                  Why Big City Life?
    I know that there are a lot of roleplay servers in development and a few of them open for years already. The main reason why you can choose us is because our ideas are totally different that you experience so far on the current English servers. We are trying to adapt the roleplay style based on players needs and we are trying to make sure that people will always have something fun to do in this server.

                  What we offer?
•    A player-based community where jobs and business require some help from other players
•    A lot of legal and illegal missions like:


  •  Mower job
  •  Taxi driver
  •  Bus driver
  •  Mechanic
  •  Trucker
  •  Money transporter
  •  Etc
  •  Or join a legal faction to have a passive great income like:
  1. Los Santos City Hall
  2. Federal Investigation Bureau
  3. San Andreas National Guard 
  4. Los Santos Police Department
  5. Los Santos Emergency Medical Services
  6. Merryweather Security
  7. Weazel News

Drug system

  1. Turf system (for street gangs)
  2. Business war system (for mafias)
  3. Corps transport
  4. Money transport
  5. Drugs transport
  6. Illegal weapons
  7. ATM Hacking
  8. Bank Robbery
  9. Money Transport robbery
  10. Store robbery

     And many more!

Or join an illegal faction that will help you make some extra money:
•    Street Gangs:

  • The Families (Groove ST)
  • The Ballas
  • Marabunta Grande
  • Los Santos Vagos
  • Blood Street
  • Lost MC

•    Mafia:

  • Russian Mafia
  • Armenian Mafia
  • Yakuza Mafia
  • La Cosa Nostra Mafia


The option to customize your character and your car as you wish
Different animations synced like: walking style, dances, emotions and a lot more
Non stop support and development to improve the quality of the server.

 Sounds good and you want to find more?
-    Make sure to visit our
-    Or our
-    And don’t forget to join our


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