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DISCORD - discord.gg/2v5sGx4

We want the GTAX server to bring some nostalgy about the first 3 Fast and Furious films, Need for Speed games and also the adrenaline in blood from the speed on roads.
In GTAX you can not only be involved in street races and escape from police, you can also make street races and racing clans.
Or maybe you want to be a criminal, making the police look like idiots, that can only eat donuts and drink cofe?
Or maybe you want to be fighting for justice and want to imprison robbers, killers and street racers after pulling them over in your sport police car.
GTAX will give you a choice of being: a street racer, a criminal for a well known gang, a doctor, a police officer or a casual civilian

On our server you can have up to 3 characters. It is made nicely and will be easy to switch between them and configure them, so you will not be confused which character you are using.


We created one of the most unique speedometers that will bring your eyes comfort and joy. Now are you more interested and curious? Soon we will start GTAX RolePlay and when we do come and test out all the fun. spacer.png


DISCORD - discord.gg/2v5sGx4


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