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Rage MP Updater White Screen


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The title says it all. This is my first time installing RageMP. When I open RageMP it shows white screen.


What I have done so far:

  • I tried edit config.xml to change channel to oldprerelease but still no fix.
  • Reinstalled RageMP.
  • Installing RageMP in the same directory with GTAV.
  • Installing Ragemp in different directory with GTAV.
  • I don't have any antivirus installed, so I turned off my windows firewall and/or allowing all .exe programs in RageMP folder.
  • Change 'ragemp_v' compatibility to Vista
  • Make new folder, and copy updater.exe and config to that folder, then open updater.exe
  • Waiting for an hour of 'white screen updater' only to get '\ragemp_v.exe is not a valid Win32 appliacation.'


None of the above works.

I use Win7 64-bit and play GTAV from Epic Game.

Thanks, I hope someone can help me!


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