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How to make an server?


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Hi. Today i tried to make an server for my buddies. Ive runned the server, done some stuff in config (i changed the port, name and the player limit)
but nothing worked. I tried to find a tutorial on youtube but there are just for older versions. Can somone tell me how to make an server

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You need to open this page and read about server settings

  1. You need to set announce to true
            "announce": false,
            "bind": "",
            "gamemode": "freeroam", 
            "name": "RAGE:MP Unofficial server [Tag]", 
            "maxplayers": 100,
            "port": 22005,
            "stream-distance": 500.0
  2. You need to make public port into the Windows Firewall or add rule at the Linux Firewall to allow connections
  3. Your buddies using your public ip address or public ip address of your server
  4. Well done u can connect to your server
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