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Making profits out of servers


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Hey everyone,

I know that there's another GTA:V 3rd party multiplayer client that doesn't allow making profit off their servers because Rockstar will shut them down.

According to my Google search - RAGE does allow making profit.

What's the difference? Are we 100% sure it's allowed to make profit from our servers in RAGE?

and while we're at it; is scripting on both platforms similar? 

(I started developing a gamemode on the other platform and wanna know if i can migrate easily to rage)


Thank you (I hope I posted this in the right section)

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1 hour ago, Xabi said:

I don't think anybody from staff said it's allowed as it's not.

So it’s not allowed? Is there any way to get confirmation from the devs about it ?

because many topics on this forum said it’s allowed but it doesn’t align with rockstars policy towards the other client which was weird..

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