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Discord Ban Issue


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Hello there! I was recently auto-banned from the Discord server by one of the bots for posting a URL during a legitimate discussion regarding snow in RAGE MP. I'm not sure why the URL triggered this to happen, as I was pointing out a function I found in a Google search related to GTA V while myself and several other users were talking about why snow would not accumulate on the ground in RAGE MP. I have no bad intentions at all, and as far as I'm aware I didn't violate any of the listed server rules. (If I did, I do apologize, however I didn't remember seeing anything banning any specific URL's, else I would not have sent it to begin with). I use the Discord often for assistance in developing my own server, and I have also assisted other users when I've been able to there, so I'm trying to find the best way to appeal this ban.

Unfortunately I was not able to reach anyone else through any other medium, and today my computer decided to play nice on the forum and actually let me post without bugging out the input field. (A separate issue in all browsers I still can't seem to find the cause of).

If anyone is able to provide me assistance with this matter, it would be extremely appreciated. I couldn't find any specific place or method to go about such a discussion with the Discord server's administration, hence why I posted it here.

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