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How to make a casino roulette?


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Greetings to all, I saw how the casino is implemented on some servers, through Google I found only this: https://rage.mp/forums/topic/6358-casino-roulette-in-ragemp/, but there are the sources of the gta casino, I almost did not understand anything there and I had a couple of questions.

The difficulty lies only in the fact that there are interactions with the map.

  • Is it possible to implement this casino on NodeJS, if possible, how?
  • If you can't, then you can probably use C# , and again, how do I do it?
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6 минут назад, Armyw0w сказал:

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/root-cause/v-decompiled-scripts-1868/master/casinoroulette.c There is the source-code decompiled. The thing you have to do is to rewrite this script with rage.mp functions.

I threw it off myself, I'm talking about how to do it, I almost don't understand anything in decompiled

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