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[Done] Using NativeUi properly (JavaScript)


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Hey all,

I am trying to use the nativeui library to save some time in progress but I got following issue: The index file of the nativeui package is a typescript file and the import/require directive tries to find a index javascript file.

So I would like to know how to correctly require the nativeui library.

- Is there anything that needs to be changed serverside in order to allow typescript file loading?

- How do I require typescript files? Is that even supported inside the RageMP Server?



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Okay nevermind I just found out that it would have been way simpler than what I tried. On the resources tab on rage.mp there is a NativeUi entry where you can press "Download File" to download an compressed javascript file.

I before tried to use the repository content which is way more complex and even after converting it (it took quite some time) it was still unstable.


So if you encounter the same problem and read this - now you know better! (There is no other topic regarding this yet)

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  • Quantum123 changed the title to [Done] Using NativeUi properly (JavaScript)

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