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elegant map editor 1.0.0

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About This File


  • Nice and clean UI
  • Save maps (as json)
  • Load maps to continue your work.
  • Spawn objects / markers / vehicles
  • Fast search in a list of thousands of objects (200ms maximum)


  • F to show/hide cursor
  • WASD to move, Q/E for up or down
  • Mouse click on an object with the crosshair (not cursor) to select it
  • Arrow keys to move entity
  • PG Up / PG Down move entity up/down
  • CTRL + Arrow keys to rotate, CTRL + PG UP/ PG DOWN to rotate on X vector
  • Hold Alt to rotate/move entities or yourself slowly
  • Hold Shift to rotate/move entities or yourself faster
  • CTRL + C to duplicate entity
  • Delete to destroy
  • F5 to open a list of all entities in the map, clicking an item will select it, some objects can only be selected from this menu.
  • F4 to stop freecam and move your character around

For installation, don't forget to require `./map-editor` in your client_packages

Maps are saved in the root "maps" folder

Credits for @Morbo for his noclip camera.

Thanks to Fenrir for support

Disclaimer: this map editor is a work of fiction, if there's similarities between this and MTA's map editor then its purely a coincidence.

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


Fixed a conflict with entities created by other scripts

Slowed down movement and Alt movement

"update client index.js only"

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