Metal Detectors 1.1.0

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About This File

This resource lets you add metal detectors that go off when a player with a not allowed weapon goes through them.



  • Put the files you downloaded in their respective places
  • Add require('metaldetectors') to client_packages/index.js
  • Set up some metal detectors (read below)
  • All done


JSON Files

Most of the changes are done by editing JSON files located in packages/metaldetectors/json/.

Remember to validate your changes here:



colshapeSize: Size of the metal detector colshape, I think the default value is pretty much perfect and doesn't need any editing.

soundRange: Maximum range/distance of the players who should hear metal detector alarms, default value is 15.0.

cooldownMs: Milliseconds that need to pass before a metal detector goes off again, default value is 2000.

allowedWeapons: Array of weapons that are ignored by metal detectors. This list is pretty much empty and you probably should fill it, WEAPON_UNARMED and WEAPON_CERAMICPISTOL are ignored by default.

smallWeaponGroups: Array of weapon groups that are considered small. Weapons of this group will play the small weapon alarm sound and everything else will play the big weapon alarm sound. GROUP_MELEE, GROUP_PISTOL, GROUP_SMG, GROUP_STUNGUN and GROUP_THROWN are considered small by default.



This file contains the metal detectors in array of objects format. A metal detector has x, y, z, heading, dimension and createProp properties.

x, y, z: Coordinates of the metal detector.

heading: Rotation (yaw) of the metal detector.

dimension: Dimension of the metal detector.

Default value: 0

createProp: Whether this metal detector should create a prop when it is loaded or not, useful if you want to use existing metal detectors. (like in the IAA facility interior)

Default value: true

// Example: Metal detector used in the making of video above
  "x": 2059.037109375,
  "y": 2980.64208984375,
  "z": -62.90178298950195,
  "heading": 325.0,
  "dimension": 0




Used for weapon groups, just make sure it is updated after every DLC.


For Developers

This resource triggers an event named playerTriggerMetalDetector with args player, position, isSmallWeapon when players trigger a metal detector.

player: The player who triggered a metal detector.

position: Coordinates of the metal detector.

isSmallWeapon: Whether the player's weapon was a small weapon or not.

(another arg that contains weapon hash might be added in the future)


Example"playerTriggerMetalDetector", (player, position, isSmallWeapon) => {
    player.outputChatBox(`You triggered a metal detector with a ${isSmallWeapon ? "small" : "big"} weapon!`);



  1. Right now, this resource checks only the current weapon of a player due to issues with player.weapons. If player.weapons get fixed, I'll update the resource to check for all weapons of a player.


Source code is available on GitHub in case you don't want to download:

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


* This version needs RAGE Multiplayer 1.1.0 and above to work.

- All weapons of the player will be checked now instead of the current.

- Added detectedWeapon last argument to both clientside and serverside events. It contains the weapon hash that triggered the metal detector.

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