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Cash Registers 1.0.0

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About This File



  • RAGE Multiplayer 1.1 and above
  • Currency API (define a currency named "cash" after installing)



  • Put the files you downloaded in their respective places
  • Add require('cashregisters') to client_packages/index.js
  • All done



The config.json file can be found inside packages/cashregisters/json/.

minShotReward, maxShotReward: Minimum and maximum amount of cash a cash register will drop when shot, default values are 20 (min) and 60 (max).

minEmptyReward, maxEmptyReward: Minimum and maximum amount of cash a player will get from emptying a cash register by pressing interaction key in front of it, default values are 70 (min) and 120 (max).

cashLife: Milliseconds a cash drop from a cash register will stay for, default value is 30000. (30 seconds)

cashRegisterCooldown: Milliseconds that need to pass before a cash register is available for robbery again, default value is 300000. (5 minutes)

createBlips: Whether cash registers will have a blip/icon on the map, default value is true.



  • Emptied cash registers won't open like in the video, it was removed due to the issues it caused. You'll see a red "Robbed" label instead.
  • Shooting at the cash registers without aiming in first person mode can be inaccurate at times.
  • Since this resource hides the game's cash registers, if you play on a server that uses this resource then connect to a server that doesn't use this resource without restarting GTAV, cash registers will most likely be invisible.
  • Credits to GTA Wiki for the preview image.
  • Available on GitHub: https://github.com/root-cause/ragemp-cash-registers
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haha, gun make cash register go brrrrrrr

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and i kept wondering why shop got robbed recently..........

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i need help i get an error when i trz to pick up the money player.changeCurrency is no function  player.changeCurrency("cash", colshape.cashAmount);

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Vay kardeş nerelere düşmüşüz :( Sana PM atamıyorum, beni forumda arkadaş olarak eklemen mi gerekiyor? Normal bir üyeye mesan yollayabiliyorum. Eklesene hele bi kardeşim beni.

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