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Command&Event decorators [server-side/client-side] 1.1.4

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About This File

There is a server-side/client-side snippet which helps to registry any commands to Rage API with the simple interface by using decorators.

Install via npm/yarn:

$ npm i --save rage-decorators
// or
$ yarn add rage-decorators

Docs and examples: https://github.com/READYTOMASSACRE/rage-decorators#readme

Install (older version):


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1. Install the reflect-metadata package.

$ npm i --save reflect-metadata
// or
$ yarn add reflect-metadata

2. Move the decorator.ts (or decorator.js, if you're using javascript instead typescript) file to your project folder


3. Import/require decorators in your file


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import { commandable, command } from './decorators'

// first we should flag our class is resolvable by decorator commanadble (for registy any commands in class)
class Foo {

  // then we flag class method as a command
  // added command "/helloworld"
  print(player: PlayerMp) {
    player.outputChatBox("hello world!")


4. Make an instance class in other place in your project


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// we should add reflect-metadata first before decorators
// because they are using Reflect API in runtime
import 'reflect-metadata'

import { Foo } from './Foo'

// all commands in class Foo are created
const foo = new Foo()


5. Make sure you import/require reflect-metadata before decorators in your entry script


If you're using typescript, make sure there two options (experimentalDecorators, emitDecoratorMetadata) are true in your tsconfig.json:

    "compilerOptions": {
        "experimentalDecorators": true,
        "emitDecoratorMetadata": true

Interface command decorator

 * Decorator for adding commands to RAGE API
 * @param {string | string[]} cmd - command(s) name, which will be added to mp.events.addCommand
 * @param {string | { group?: string, desc?: string }} params - additional params, add to group or add to description
 * Supports templates in the desc param:
 *  @template cmdName - name of command
 *  @template groupName - name of group (if added in the additional params)
 * @example desc parameter template:
 * `Usage: /{{cmdName}} id`
 * `Usage: /{{groupName}} {{cmdName}} id`
 * decorator usage:
 * command("foo")
 * command(["bar", "baz"])
 * command("foo", "foogroup")
 * command("bar", { group: "foogroup", desc: "Custom description"})
export const command = (cmd: string | string[], params?: string | { group?: string, desc?: string }): MethodDecorator

Interface event decorator

 * Decorator for adding events into RAGE API
 * @param {string | string[]} eventName - event(s) name, which will be added to mp.events.add
 * @example
 * decorator usage:
 * event("playerJoin")
 * event(["playerDeath", "playerQuit"])
export const event = (eventName: string | string[]): MethodDecorator

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What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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