Example SEQUELIZE + [ ReactJS + Redux ] 0.0.2

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About This File

This resource will help many newcomers in the development of the server.

At this gamemode, used the sequelize framework, for easy work with the database. Also used frameworks ReactJS + ReduxJS special for CEF.

GitHub URL: https://github.com/HEXisGOD/RAGEMP_sequelize_react_redux

Download this archive, unpack it in RAGE:MP new server folder.
2. To work with the database locally I suggest using Denwer.
3. Config connection data at packages\sequelize\modules\db.js
4. Import example database into phpMyAdmin
5. Then start server, and test it !)

Needed node modules
MySQL2 -  [ npm install mysql2 -save ]
2. Sequelize - [ npm install sequelize -save ]

- Thanks @kemperrr for make "pleaseCallCEF" function and event on ReactJS!!

This is first version, During the time there can be changes and improvements!!

What's New in Version 0.0.2   See changelog



1. Added autocreate database if it not exists
2. Added money system [ using drawText ]

1. Fixed but with chat, when client register

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Hello, I do not understand what to do to in paragraph 3, can you explain for the very beginner

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