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Hair Overlays 1.0.0

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About This File

This resource adds hair overlays/hair tattoos/hair decals for freemode male and freemode female. Hair overlays are used in GTA Online for better looking hair.





  • Put the files you downloaded in their respective places
  • Install mp.game.data if you haven't installed it yet
  • Add require('hair-overlay') to client_packages/index.js
  • All done


Clientside API

 * Call after updating the local player's hair style on clientside.
 * Useful for barber shop preview and other customization related scripts.


Serverside API

 * Call after updating a player's hair style on serverside.
 * Not using this function might cause visual desync until the player is restreamed in to other players.



Commands used during development:

// Clientside (https://rage.mp/files/file/296-better-clientside-commands/ - for addCommand clientside)
// /client_sethair 72 0 0
mp.events.addCommand("client_sethair", (hair, color, highlight) => {
    hair = Number(hair);
    color = Number(color);
    highlight = Number(highlight);

    mp.players.local.setComponentVariation(2, hair, 0, 2);
    mp.players.local.setHairColor(color, highlight);

// Serverside
// /sethair 72 0 0
mp.events.addCommand("sethair", (player, _, hair, color, highlight) => {
    hair = Number(hair);
    color = Number(color);
    highlight = Number(highlight);

    player.setClothes(2, hair, 0, 2);
    player.setHairColor(color, highlight);



  • Streamed in freemode male/freemode female players will always receive a hair overlay, meaning no more 100% bald characters.
  • Local player won't have a hair overlay until applyHairOverlay function is used. (either locally or from serverside)
  • clearFacialDecorations function is used to remove the old hair overlay on clientside. Meaning if you have other scripts that use setFacialDecoration, applied facial decoration(s) will be removed after a hair overlay change.
  • Hair overlays are retrieved from the game, the problem with this approach is earlier hair styles (drawable 1 to 20? something like that) for both freemode male/freemode female lacks decal information which causes the resource to apply the fallback/default hair overlay. (fm_hair_fuzz)
  • Unless they have forced component information (check mp_m_freemode_01_gunrunning_hair_shop.meta for forced decal component example), third party hair styles will apply the fallback/default hair overlay. (fm_hair_fuzz)
  • Also on GitHub: https://github.com/root-cause/ragemp-hair-overlays

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