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I converted this system from a previous GTA Multiplayer Client. I never had time to update it or add new features so it comes as is.

It adds animals that are fully synced to each client with different states such as:

  • Fleeing
  • Grazing
  • Wandering

There are two animals to start:

  • Deer
  • Boar
  • + More can be easily added.

It also includes a command that allows you to pickup an animal that is dead. (Mainly for RP servers)



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7 hours ago, m4a_X said:

I never tried it but CreatePed is not working at the moment with the Bridge.

If you really want to get it working, then you could call a clientside event that creates the ped, other than that. I'd just wait till 0.4 to see if we get CreatePed with that bridge update.

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Hm no errors and the script has been compiled but animals wont spawn. I dont know why. Do i have to activate it somewhere?

Edited by Kalle801
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