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[C++] L5RP Framework 1.1.0

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About This File

I wish to share this framework for ragempcppsdk, that L5RP team has created while we were developing for ragemp. Using C++ for serverside

This framework worth both on Windows and on Linux operating systems. (Haven't tested it on mac OS).

This framework contains some additional util features which are not present in cppsdk by default:

  • Callable system for parsing command/event/console input/socket input arguments.
  • Script system, which helps developers to split the code into seperate scripts.
  • Some utilities such as Player and Vehicle components to fully utilize script system.
  • Threaded CURL support (Could be used to call api calls in website to load/save server data)
  • Threaded TCP Socket support (Could be used to integrate server with 3rd party applications such as discord bot, live players map and a lot more) (Currently only works on linux)
  • Has been designed with an possibility in mind that rage-mp could die and scripts code could be lifted to other modifications. (Of course integration layer would be needed to be developed, but the thing is that once that would be developed scripts code wouldn't need to change at all)
  • Command and Event system. (Currently its done in a bit weird way, where each player has his own set of commands. But Its not really good time for me to go and refactor one of the core parts of the framework)
  • A lot of small utilites that makes developer's life easier whilst developing on cppsdk.
  • Some bugfixes which are not present in ragemp.
  • Timer/Promise support. (Promise is the same thing as a timer, but only executes once)
  • Threaded Console Input/Output.
  • Console Output being done through spdlog, having different severity levels and being logged into file.

Ideas for the future:

  • Example gamemode utilizing functions from this framework.
  • Support for multi-language scripts.
  • Some kind of documentation for this framework.

In order to download/review this framework please use git: https://gitlab.com/l5rp/l5rp-api

If you have any suggestions or improvements for this framework feel free to contact me in ragemp discord or in comment section. I'll also be reviewing pull request section from time to time.

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


New features added in L5RP Framework 1.1.0:

  • Updated some dependency libraries.
  • Some bug fixes with checkpoint API.
  • Added templated functions into ragemp's headers for GetPlayerPool().InvokeFor and GetPlayerPool().CallFor
  • Drastically improved windows compilation time, by using precompiled headers.
  • Added windows support for TCP Sockets.
  • A singleton for Console has been added.
  • UTF conversion no longer uses deprecated std functions.
  • Fixed up all the warnings that would popup when compiling project via MVSC.
  • Probably, couple more bug fixes that I forgot to mention.
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huh, glad to see RAGE Multiplayer C++ development community being alive

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