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Project not maintained anymore, feel to continue it by yourself.

The most recent version (with some fix) is on github, link below!

Hi all, after some times letting this GM getting dust, I decided to release it to public.

It may not be developed with the best methods, but still it is working very well.

Here is a list of the differents systems available:

For civil players:

  • Rob a shop (24/7  / Ammunation for now)
  • Have a job (Hacker only for now)
  • Earn XP from doing hacking
  • Buy stuff at 24/7 that heals you (Apple...)

For cops:

  • Arrest a player (Civil only with wanted level)
  • Be a SWAT or in FBI (If player has access to thoses teams)
  • Cuff a player (Preventing him from running / jump / use car direction)

What everybody can do:

  • Buy a car / boat / helicopter
  • Use teleporters (The only teleporters are in SWAT car park, can be added in DB)
  • Withdraw / deposit money in ATM
  • Custom your car (In theory working with every kind of vehicle)

What admins can do:

  • Create a vehicle
  • Create a temporary vehicle (As vehicle bought in car shop)
  • Edit a vehicle
  • Save vehicle data
  • Respawn Cars
  • Create Faction / SpawnPoint for a faction / A Skin for a faction / Biz / ATM / Label
  • Teleport to pos
  • Edit a player


Teleporters are saved in the database, and have different options, like :

  • Reversible (Has another tp to come back)
  • Change dimension of player
  • TP vehicle or not
  • Usable for a faction only

Vehicle info:

  • Save vehicle mods
  • Vehicle only for a faction
  • Vehicle locked
  • Vehicle plate
  • Vehicle dimension

What are spawnpoints ? 

Spawnpoints are used for factions, it is the spawnpoints for a faction, and not for a SKIN.

How to add skin into a faction?

Doing /acreate ped


Some commands still exist as:

  • /acreate [faction/biz/label/ped/spawnpoint] (Showing a modal to complete & create)
  • /aveh (Showing a modal to know what you want to do.
  • /aplayer [PLAYER ID] (Showing a modal to know what you want to do)

Differents admin levels:

There is 3 differents level of admin:

 - Edit (Edit a player / car)

- Blame (Kick / Ban / Blame)

- See (Spectate / Player infos...)

There is no admin command for moderate.

Car shop:

Car shop is VERY easy to create, i think i'll do another ressource to show how it is simple & share it.

All you have to know is the vehicle classes, in packages/gamemode/data/vehicle_shop.json

And create a car shop in config.json (Very easy to understand look at it).


All mods prices can be modified in gamemode/data/custom_prices.json, by mod ID & Index.

But this system is not optimized at all, and must be reworked.


There is also a log system, that log everytime you connect / disconnect.



  1. Install npm dependencies: npm install
  2. Change .env.example to .env


Known problems:

  •  Can't find module MySQL:
    • You must have installed NodeJS & NPM
    • Then go to your server folder and type in cmd this: "npm install mysql"


As suggested, If you have any bugs found, suggestions... just see this: -- I would be happy to fix it or add the stuff you suggest.



 - Me for the scripts :P

- GamingMaster Library - NativeUI

- RootCause library - Level - better Notificaitons - Scaleform messages

- Micky5991 for vehicles hashes & mods... (



What's New in Version 0.11   See changelog


Here is the changelog:

  • Update Login UI
  • Delete Register UI (Need to go to a panel for it)
  • Update faction / ped selection system
  • Fix bottom text bug
  • Add a visual car for each faction
  • Temporary vehicle now spawn to the player creator's dimension
  • Factions have a default cars, defined as logo for faction selection
  • Fix teleporter crash bug
  • Password are now encrypted with BCrypt
  • Account are not linked to a playername anymore, but to a email adress and its password
  • Peds are holding MugBoard in faction selection
  • Add Peds Synchro system
  • Civils vehicles change of model everytime the server restart
  • Civils vehicle can be found everywhere inTown (~60 cars)
  • Create Reseller job (Sell civil / bought cars)
  • Adding .env file to configure database credentials

Download here

Or from download file from here.

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· Edited by BBB

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Thanks for such a good script, unfortunately I can not test it because I get an error

if you could help me with the mistake

Here is a link from the problem




Yes, if I enter the command that he can not find the command what now?
i wants to test the script but have only problems so far

Do I have to download something else?



Response from the author:

It a problem from your side, you have to install the module Mysql from nodejs, type this in cmd:

" npm install -g mysql ", this will fix your problem.


If command not working you have to install this:

And then it should work.

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so beast

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   2 of 5 members found this review helpful 2 / 5 members

Great productions from the community. Keep up the great work and don't give up

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need help install it

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· Edited by Delta


Concept of gamemode is good, lacks some functionalities and it has some bugs. 

I would suggest to continue develop this GM and give us a issue area to help you, to report bugs and submit possible solutions

Happy scripting ;)

@Protocole for a 1st version is good, but there's some basic stuff that should be implemented or will not be a gamemode at all. Therefore, if you need help to continue develop, just ask the community :)

Response from the author:

It is only a first release :)

@Delta What you suggest ? :) I added my private github for put issues & suggestions, be free to post some stuff in it

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· Edited by Ironozd


Thats a great plugin👍

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