Synced Time Progression 1.0.0

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About This File

I posted this in the forum, but it is probably better suited here.


This is a very simple script that gives the same time progression experience as single player mode. The source for the time is current GMT time and the calculation rolls this time into an in-game day 24 hour period that lasts 48 minutes (IRL time). Note that as the calculations are based off GMT (and not local time) all clients using this will have the same in game time (dependent on whether their computer's time and timezone is set up correctly).


To use it, simply copy the file somewhere and "require" it in your client_resources script.


There's nothing to configure.


Known Bugs:

  • Because the date is not recalculated, it continues to reflect the current real world date regardless of how many in game 24 hour periods there are within the game.
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