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Some months ago (cannot really remember when the event had exactly occurred) the website was down and I asked in the discord's support channel to confirm that the website was actually down without scrolling all the way down. It seems that a lot of people had the same question and it was apparently answered multiple times. A staff member replied to my question with disrespect, obviously, cannot really blame the guy since he had already answered the question multiple times but then I replied with "Wouldn't it save us both time if you had just answered the question with a 3-letter response (yes)?" (regarding the website being down). I do not remember his exact reply but it was something like this "Maybe, but wouldn't it save us both time if you looked before you typed?" and then I just replayed with a "Maybe" and then I got banned permanently. In my opinion, as a person that looks up to the Rage-MP community and really enjoys using the client to play I think that that approach and reaction of that staff member was very immature and I kindly ask to be unbanned. If you can't unban me, for whatever reason, I would at least want to the staff member that banned me to reply with the real reason.


I am sure the chat logs are easily accessible, since the time that the event had happened was around when the website was down. I am really sorry for repeating a question but I strongly disagree with the staff's approach of the event. Anyway, thank you for reading my appeal and I hope that it just does not get ignored like the rest of the appeals.

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