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[HOW TO] Verify Rage Installation for corruption or update problems


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Since a lot of people seems to have problems with RageMP not updating or being corrupted, I decided to post those instructions for future reference.
This may help people, for my part, I didn't know that rage's process was in the background and it prevented me from updating without my knowledge.
I will update this with time if a better and/or more complete method exists.

STEPS TO FIX (would work for most update / corruption problems)

1- Make sure any 'ragemp*.exe' processes are closed, especially 'ragemp_v.exe' (also exit the 'updater.exe' process);

2- Verify your GTA5 files with steam or with the Social Club launcher;

3- Delete every files in your RageMP folder except the updater (if instructions doesn't work the first time, re-download updater.exe from the RageMP website);

4- Make sure GTA5's files have finished being verified and that RageMP's update is over;

5- Make sure you start RageMP with no arguments. For example: disable cef debugger;

6- Start the ragemp_v.exe and enjoy!;

If you need more information to "verify your GTA5 files", follow these instructions.

Thank you,

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