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RAGE-MM (Mini Missions Server) - RACE


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Rage MM stands for Rage Mini Missions.

Our intention is to create a bunch of game-modes that randomly1 rotate on a per-round basis in the most simplest way possible. To achieve this we've adopted a WYSIWYG approach and you will notice that all our UI is very basic (for now). We are trying to provide the play-ability of this server as one that is built with the current stability of what resources can be used (taken in to consideration).

Currently we offer a Race mode.

We are currently in Alpha. This being said, there may be issues from time-to-time, but we have put some effort in to ensuring that after any crash/glitch that will cause services to be shut down, will recover on their own.

We are currently working on:

  • Cops n Robbers
  • TDM

We try not to plan too far ahead.


Connect directly: play.rage-mm.com:22005 (

or find us in the masterlist, our server name begins with "Rage-MM.com"

Our servers run on a guaranteed 99% (I made this number up) up-time, meaning that, if the server was to crash (which can happen from time to time, especially in our current alpha state) then it will automatically boot right up for your convenience. Basically it just reboots itself, nothing fancy about it.



We have a very simple website to hold our landing page and provide basic information for our game server. We will be upgrading this at some point. We use Discord for communication.


  • Q: Contact details?
  • A: We used Discord for communication, you can catch "Mew" (shit posting) or "GreenFanta" on Rage.MP discord, or you can join the RAGE-MM Discord.
  • -
  • Q: Staff vacancies?
  • A: We are assuming that the need for assistance in the form of support, administration and development (in many aspects) will arise and we are open to those who are willing. Give us a shout on Discord.


We have a checklist of game-modes on our Trello. As mentioned, we are trying to keep things as simple as possible, which is also why we are releasing to the public with only one mode.


1. We currently make use of Pseudo-RNG for all randomisation and will be adopting Quantum-RNG at a later stage.



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