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Global Permanent Ban without Reason???


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So i got a problem with starting RageMP: Everytime i start RageMP i get a message which says: "You have been automatically banned by EasyAntiCheat for cheating software. All EAC bas are automatically issued and revoked. If you believe you were banned by mistake, your ban will be lifted automatically later (which never happened). Global ban expiry date: permanent; 22641389" . I already tried to reinstall RageMP many times and even reinstalled Windows 3 times but nothing worked. I also deleted all my files on my compuer about 4 Times but i still get the same message. I never did download any cheat and if some cheats were downloaded then i didn't do it on purpuse. I thought when i reinstall windows that many times and also deleted everything it should work - shoult it? So what can i do? Maybe a PC - Scan or smth like that? Because i don't know where the Cheat is saved (If there is one) - especially because i deleted everything so many times. I just wanna play again and don't wanna buy a whole new PC for it :). Thank you in advance!!!

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