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Make G the button to enter a vehicle as passanger


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This will enhance roleplay and be very useful for roleplay servers, or any server where entering as a passenger must be done quickly and effectively. In a combat scenario, in a quick getaway etc.


Having a separate button is useful for "trickier" vehicles to enter such as buses and it just looks a lot less goofy. This is a feature and almost an industry standard across GTA online platforms, in the same way that F is used to enter as a driver. Having it different is a very big negative and I think most people will agree having G as the button to enter is superior. It's not a big change to make and it will enhance people's gameplay, especially for roleplay servers.  There are no negative results to this idea what so ever. 

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4 minutes ago, Charlie said:

Apparently it was put in this way because 'the game uses G to explode bombs', however I don't think F for both is working very well currently. Even if it can't be G, it should be something else.

Bombs explode key could be changed though.

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Because people play differently on GTA online, people don't typically enter vehicles as passangers as much as they do on RP servers, on SAMP, and hopefully on ragemp. It's not re-inventing the wheel, it's carrying on with a standard that has been in place on the GTA multiplayer modifications since 2006. if anything pressing f for both is reinventing the wheel. 

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