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[RAGEMP][NodeJS/JavaScript] Tips & Tricks , FAQ.


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Hello everybody,


first of all , its a delightfull pleasure to find myself here and read about this world of RageMP Development. I consider you all do some honorable work and for that I congratulate everybody :).

Few words:

I am new to RAGEMP development. I started few days ago and still study most of the related posts from this forum. So please try to keep your calm if I ask some weird questions :).

I used to develop few years ago for VC:MP and SA:MP servers and now I am glad this GTA5 Mod appeared and I can't wait to find/script more.



1. In the local server working environment, is there a way to create a reloading script (packages) for server in order to keep a live testing available? Example:

I start the server ,at this moment with this command: 

nodemon --watch packages --watch client_packages --exec server.exe -e *

altought, it seems like every time I change someting in code , it reloads but my client goes in the loading screen and returns a similar message to "Connection closed". Are there some known workarounds/solutions or for every update I need to force close client (Task Manager -> End Process) and reenter the game?

2. Is there a known way to test a +2 Players algorithm? For example lets say a /pay command where another player needs to be close? Do I need to find someone to test this with or is there a workaround for an fake event call of a virtual player? (playerJoined, playerSpawned, etc..)?

3. Is there any active community social media (for instance Discord) where certain Scripters help each other? If yes, can someone name it?


Thank you dear reader for spending time to read all the upper sentence.




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