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ParagonRP is a community based on roleplaying, and comprised of pioneers from GTA 5 roleplaying platforms. Drawing inspiration from various games including RPG and sandbox games such as Garry’s Mod, ArmA 3, San Andreas Multiplayer and Multi Theft Auto, just to name a few. Embarking on this journey our pioneers are able to emulate an incredibly immersive roleplay environment. A key and major part of our development is ensuring that there are no restrictions or obstacles imposed on the end-user by the Gamemodes script, the rules, or the administrators which ensures the ultimate roleplay atmosphere and a smooth experience for the player. While our main demographic is seasoned roleplayers, we do account for new roleplayers seeking a realistic immersion based roleplay atmosphere so long as they are willing to learn and comply with our rules!




  • Player Owned Pets - We offer NPC driven pets for the player which can be tamed, trained and loved! Dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits are some of the few animals you can have as your trusty companion!

  • GTA Online Models - Everything from clothing to hairstyles, tattoos and more. The possibilities are endless, and enable rich character customization with over 1,000,000 different unique combinations with more to come with the addition of custom, ParagonRP specific clothing models.

  • Design Cycle - A well planned out, community feedback enabled Design Cycle allows players to decide, through polling, what should be implemented, and what doesn’t belong.

  • RPG Styled Elements - This module complements passive roleplay very well and entices and provides incentive for the player to complete them, boasting a cosmetic reward that may otherwise be unobtainable such as furniture or clothing, this helps produce roleplay that adds to the all round immersive environment while keeping you busy every second you’re playing, to establish a dull-free session!

  • Comprehensive Organisation System - That enables ANY player to create ANY organisation with their friends at ANY time. Manage ranks, update MOTDs, and manage your members through an in game UI.

  • Player Owned Properties - That feature a Sims-styled tile based interior decorating system, that allows the player to purchase, design a floor plan, and place furniture anywhere inside.

  • Unique Pedshot System - This, reminiscent of Rockstar’s Social Club and GTA Online, is a “shoulders up” mugshot of your character that is enabled for contacts in phones, the Game Panel, and the character selection screen.

  • Entry Quiz - That is utilized to ensure players attempting to connect understand our rules, and the basics of roleplay well enough to contribute to an atmosphere that is enjoyable for all. Quizzes will be unique and per-player each instance to verify that each player has a separate questionnaire to complete and fully understand before joining the server.

  • Illegal Activities - From drug creation and dealing, to arms trading and trafficking. Your criminal desires can be met. Through roleplay, and script, all things criminal are able to be roleplayed.

  • Legal Activities - Unique immersive jobs, Legal business ventures or keeping the mean streets clean, the choice is yours. From Day One we will feature a robust player-ran Police and Fire Department, a well structured Government, many jobs for you to complete to earn some quick money as well as the infrastructure for you to erect your own enterprise and fill your pockets.

  • Sprite Based Inventory - Like most modules at ParagonRP, we've chosen a UI, complete with individual sprites for items. Say goodbye to a text-based inventory, and hello to seeing what you own.

  • Game Panel - An in-depth, at-the-minute look at exactly who your character is, what they own, what they're carrying, and more! No need to launch the client to see what you're about.


Frequently Asked Questions will be displayed below, however, if you still have more questions do not be afraid to ask some questions on our forums or even our discord, but please note, the best reply times will be on our forums.

  • How long can we be expected to wait for the official release of Paragon?

Whilst our development team is constantly growing, we assign tasks to each person individually to produce the best possible experience we can as fast as we can. Whilst unpredictable circumstances may halt or otherwise lengthen the development process we do expect to have our Beta in the coming weeks, which you can apply for, and our release prior to December 2017.

  • Why are there RPG elements, I hate RPG!?

The RPG elements that will be implemented to ParagonRP should not worry you, a good example of what we plan to add in terms of RPG is Daily Activities which will reward with cosmetics because it gives people the incentive to actually do something in-game if currently unoccupied in-game. These can be completed by yourself, with your business or your organisation all with different and unique drop tables that can provide unique drops such as Furniture, Clothing and Accessories as well as achievements to display on your character profile for others to see.

  • Where are the servers going to be based for ParagonRP?

We intend to be located in North America as that is our

current main demographic however this will be used as a common ground to make sure players have a fair and similar ping to an acceptable standard.

  • What is RageMP, I’ve never heard of it?

RageMP is a client that rises above and beyond other Grand Theft Auto V       modifications. Being written in C++ with JavaScript as an embedded language, this client offers superior stability, connectivity, and playability with the seemingly unlimited amount of possibilities including some of what is stated above in our available features with notable features such as flawless sync, a noticeable FPS boost over your single player game and server-sided modifications that can be streamed to the player.

  • I am interested in joining the ParagonRP team, what do I have to do?

Should you be interested in a Development, Graphic Artist, 3D Model Artist or Administrative role please contact Ari on the ParagonRP forums or Discord to discuss your interests further.


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For more information and to stay connected with our community, follow any of the links below!

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5 minutes ago, Reaper said:

I have vps in east europe and  usa North , any chance of combining, create load balanced servers?

This isn't something we're currently looking into, maybe in the future we will explore potential load balancing methods.

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