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Problem with my ip when I want to log in to the server


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Hello. I can't log in to the rajMP servers. I've been having this problem forever. One day it can work fine, and the other day it doesn't. Well, let's get to the problem. When trying to enter the server (no matter what), I have problems, sometimes GTA5 itself does not open, and if it opens loading can reach "Finishing Handshake" and just lasts indefinitely, or at some point crash. I tried to enter with vpn, and oh god, everything works, but there is already a friend error, that ip in the ban on the server on which I want to play -_-. Help me please, I will send a screenshot of my ip, maybe it is in your ban because of some different security algorithms? By the way it is not only me such a problem, but also my friends (Problems they also start too sometimes and always together, separately that someone would work, and someone does not - no. We have the same ISP and similar ip addresses.). Please help me. Thank you!

ip -


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I forgot to add the screenshots
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