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Large values of variables for objects


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Hello everyone. Please help me figure out the data of the objects that I assign via setVariable. I noticed that the more data the objects have, the longer the "Finishing handshake" lasts. I have some kind of "storage boxes" in which users store their belongings. And now the length of variables in some warehouses goes beyond 1000 characters. If I don't call setVariable to specify which user items are there, then the "Finishing handshake" lasts a couple of seconds. If I specify items in this storage, then the "Finishing handshake" takes more than 10-15 seconds. What do you recommend to do with this?

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Does anyone know how to treat it? I tried to transfer data from the server to the client on request in small parts. But the problem started. There is so much data that the game started to run quickly, but when receiving data, it simply slowed down until it received all the data. Despite the fact that I implemented async/await, the main thread still stopped completely. So transferring data from the server to the client by events is not the best option! P.S. - I still really hope that someone will help me. At least answer, can this really happen because of big data in setVariable? Or is it still not about this function? Why can the finishing Handshake hang for a long time when connecting to the server? Only to mine.

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