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"fastdl-host" Config Server Option


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I would like to know how to use this server configuration ("fastdl-host"), in server option

- I tried the following syntax: "fastdl-host", "http://examplehostname.com/client_package/", but that does not seem to work, in addition no trace of LOG on remote servers

So I would like to know how to use this feature and even an example, so of course it allows to get the files from another server,
because by default, the client packages are heavy and can saturate the bandwidth of the server.

This feature appeared on August 27th,Ref: https://rage.mp/forums/topic/2353-27th-august-recent-development-progress/


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A server update with disabled unused HTTP headers has been pushed. As for FastDL it has been mentioned before that it's gonna change in 0.3.8 update therefore, since 0.3.7 FastDL mechanism is complicated, we won't assist you.

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