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Webpack auto server reload


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This small tuturial how make auto server restart on file change by using webpack.

1. All doing in webpack.config.js file
2. On file top initialize empty variable: 

let gameServer;

3. In exports object add new plugin (with hook):

plugins: [
    // ...
      apply: compiler => {
        compiler.hooks.afterEmit.tap('AfterEmitPlugin', () => {
          // Kill started server
          if (!!gameServer) {
            console.log('\nKill game server');

          console.log('\nStart game server');

          // Start server
          gameServer = spawn(path.join(__dirname, 'server.exe'));
          gameServer.stdout.on('data', data => process.stdout.write(data));
          gameServer.stderr.on('data', data => process.stderr.write(data));

4. Profit

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