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Turkish Department and masterlist flag


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Hey dear RAGE:MP staff, I'm a guy from Turkey, I hope you doing well.

I've noticed that we don't have a flag option to show up in the masterlist, Turkish section either. I just searched few topics which includes same requests but they are kinda old.

I believe that there are much players from Turkey who plays in RAGE:MP also there are couple of Turkish servers incoming soon which means we getting populated soon. Would you please add a Turkish section in non-English forums and the Turkish flag for the masterlist?


Thanks in advence.

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43 minutes ago, Haki said:

Yeah definitely, as an active member of the roleplaying Turkish community, I have heard a lot of people are planning to open servers/create communities in Rage MP.


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22 hours ago, GL1TCH1337 said:

I'm owner of an upcoming Turkish roleplay server and we expect a lot of people to come RageMP. We need turkish flag on masterlist and a Turkish section.

Couldn't agree more.

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