Client-side JS does not start

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Hey guys!

Originally wrote the code on the client in C#. Unfortunately it does not support some of the features that I need. Therefore, I decided to transfer the client's side to the language of JS.

But the problem arose at the very beginning of the journey. I opened the tutorial ( and did everything as written there. Then I started the server and joined it and I realized that nothing works. Based on the lesson materials, I have to get a chat message. But nothing works.

I would like to appeal to the multiplayer community. Can you help me solve this problem?





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cs_packages folder is for C# resources. Put your index.js inside /client_packages and not /client_packages/cs_packages.

Also what features the C# version of the api doesn't supports? I think most functions are implemented on C# (I only know of 2 functions that are not, and they can easily be put inside the index.js to run at startup while the rest of the scripts are on C#).

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For sure! Thank you very much man! You really helped me. Best regards and good luck to you!)

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