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Better Keybindings


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Hey developers,

I've created a small node-module, to make it easier to create key-binds (also multiple keys).

For example, you are able to do this:

keyBinder.bind('ctrl+n', () => {

The last key in the chain (a+b+c+d) can be any key and all the other keys have to be 'modifiers'.

By default ctrl, alt, and shift are modifiers. So you can create combinations like: 'shift+ctrl+k'.

For more information please take a look into the repositorie's readme: https://github.com/araynimax/ragemp-better-binding

As mentioned I've published this module to npm so you can easily import it into your projects with

`npm install ragemp-better-bindings` or `yarn add ragemp-better-bindings`.

If you don't use npm right now, just download it from the download section: 



If you find bugs or if you have improvement suggestions feel free to message me, or just comment in this post.

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