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UPDATE 1.0.4

  • Removed object type from Client call interface
  • Removed arguments limit from Client call arguments.
  • Added Client library.

UPDATE 1.0.3

  • Added better documentation in source
  • Added a middleman library for index.html
  • Added a way to call an event from Angular to Client
  • Added syncronization for that call and posibility to response back.


Documentation on Github

Edited by Armyw0w
Update #1.0.4
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On 29.06.2018 at 6:07 AM, n0minal said:

Why don't you use conventions for class names in class names? like RAGE type or even RAGEEvent, shouldn't it be Camel Case? Looks like a nice lib tho, I'm thinking on use it, still work in latest rage versions?


RageEvent is ugly, I like the RAGEEvent.

Yeap It still works.

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