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Game crashes when destroying CEF


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hey guys, I tried to post this a few times and it didnt work somehow now I am trying it on a desktop pc. I hope there wont be multiple posts with the same content.

I started programming a server with javascript only and have build a login browser when a player joins.

Atm. - it just sends the given information to the server

- server prints out the name and password (just for testing puposes

- Server calls client side event with value 1

- when value is 1 client destroys browser

And my problem is, that sometimes my game freezes when the browser is destoyed. Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes the game freezes after sending message to chat and sometimes it freezes even before sending any message.. Does anyone know what the problem could be? The console does not show any errors


This is my Client-sided Script index.js



and this is the server-sided one


I hope someone can help me with this.


EDIT: I tried out a few things and found out.. the Server events does not crash the game when there is no browser created.

The game only crashes when I add loginBrowser.destroy() to the code. But I dont know how to hide it otherways.

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