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Deleting the closest vehicle


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mp.events.addCommand("test", (player) => {
    let VehiclesPositionsArray = [];
    let VehiclesIDsArray = [];
    let VehiclesArray = mp.vehicles.toArray();
    let VehicleNumber = 0;
    let VehicleNumberArray = [];
    let VehicleNumberNow = 0;
    mp.vehicles.forEachInRange(player.position, 10,
        (vehicle) => {
            VehiclesPositionsArray.push(Math.hypot(player.position.- vehicle.position.x, player.position.- vehicle.position.y, player.position.- vehicle.position.z));
            console.log(`${Math.hypot(player.position.- vehicle.position.x, player.position.- vehicle.position.y, player.position.- vehicle.position.z)}`);
            VehicleNumber += 1;
        let aVeh = VehiclesPositionsArray[0]
        for(let i = 0; i < VehicleNumberArray.length; i++)
            if(aVeh > VehiclesPositionsArray[i])
                aVeh = VehiclesPositionsArray[i];
                VehicleNumberNow = i;
        let vehForDest = VehiclesIDsArray[VehicleNumberNow];

By executing this command, the vehicle is deleted, first the closest, but then random, and not the nearest. What is the problem? Help)

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mp.events.addCommand('test', (player) => {
	let vehicles = []; // Create empty vehicles array
	mp.vehicles.forEachInRange(player.position, 10, (vehicle) => vehicles.push({playerPos: player.position, veh: vehicle})); // Push all vehicles in range along with player position on the empty array
	vehicles.sort(byEntityDistance); // Sort vehicles by its position
	vehicles.map((element) => element.veh); // Remove the playerPos from the array
	vehicles.forEach((vehicle) => vehicle.destroy()); // Destroy all vehicles in order

function byEntityDistance(a, b) {
	let entityA = a.veh.dist(a.playerPos);
	let entityB = b.veh.dist(b.playerPos);
	if (entityA > entityB)
		return 1;
	else if (entityB > entityA)
		return -1;
		return 0;

Didn't test the code, but it's a way of doing what you seems to want.

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